Anti-Dixon Ad In Baltimore

A new ad is out in the Baltimore mayoral race. I spent some time trying to track down the people behind it, and it got so interesting I think I need a separate post for that. The group behind it is Clean Slate Baltimore, a federally registered PAC with a PO box for an address.

Here’s the video. My opinion is that while it’s a negative ad, it’s one of the cutest and sweetest negative ads you’ll ever see. It’s also high quality and almost assuredly didn’t come cheap. I very much doubt we’ve heard the last of Clean Slate.

BREAKING/EXCLUSIVE: Delaney Endorsements

The Tuesday morning double dose thunderstorm has landed and it’s hitting hard. Tornadoes are possible. Get the kids into the storm cellar. This one’s a biggie:

Multiple sources confirm to Maryland Scramble that Congressman John Delaney will be making endorsements in the four marquee MD races: US Senate, CD4, CD8 and the Baltimore mayoral contest. His endorsements, expected to be announced shortly, will be as follows:

MD Senate: Donna Edwards

CD4: Anthony Brown

CD8: Kathleeen Matthews

Baltimore: Sheila Dixon

In return for the endorsements, which will be backed by financial support (I am unable to determine the extent or nature of the support at this juncture), each candidate has agreed to back Delaney in his 2018 bid for governor, which has been widely anticipated since, well, forever. Or at least 2012, anyway.

This story is still developing. Stay tuned.

Dixon Vs. SRB: Oh Yeah, It’s On

Not that there was really much doubt, but former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon made it official today. She’s running to get her old job back.

Sheila Dixon, Baltimore’s first black female mayor who resigned in disgrace after a conviction six years ago, announced Wednesday she is running to reclaim her old job.

Dixon posted her decision on her Facebook page. She did not immediately return a request for comment.

“After discussions with my family and encouragement from friends and people across the city, I have made a decision to run for Mayor of Baltimore,” she wrote. “I believe I have the leadership skills and experience to bring citizens across the city together to create a safer city that is also cleaner, greener, and healthier than we are today.

“Together we can reclaim, revive and rebuild Baltimore.”