O’Malley Invited To Sunday Debate

It really shouldn’t have been a question, and it took far too long to resolve, but former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has been invited by NBC to participate in the Sunday night debate in Charleston.

NBC News invited all three Democratic presidential candidates to debate Sunday night in Charleston, S.C., including Martin O’Malley.

There had been some doubt whether O’Malley would be included under polling criteria announced by NBC last week, but the network included the former Maryland governor, along with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, when it made its formal announcement Thursday.

There’s only THREE of them. This shouldn’t have been hard. I understand it when there were 17 GOP candidates in the clown car, and even now, six is a lot. Up to a point, more is better – bring in different ideas, voices, opinions. I’m glad O’Malley’s going to be there. 

2015 Top Posts #6-10

Getting into the really big stories of the year today. Top 10 begins now.

10. More On Rockville In the midst of pre-election frenzy, my attempt on November 2 to separate fact from musslinging frenzy in the Rockville municipal elections.

9. CD8 Poll The first big foray into the wild and crazy world of utterly unscientific online polls, my August 23 post sent readers scurrying over to Scott Ewart’s blog for a rollicking, back and forth battle to claim the crown. Hint: Raskin won, but it got interesting in the end.

8. BREAKING/FIRST LOOK: CD8 Poll Results This time, a real poll, albeit an internal one. On November 23, the Raskin campaign released top lines on its poll showing him with a 9 point lead. So far, the only poll that I have seen, although rumor has it there is other data out there.

7. Jeb Bush: Black Hands Matter One of my favorite Snarkster in Chief moments, on August 21 Jeb Bush discovered the horrible dangers of Photoshop when one of his Super PAC’s photos was revealed to be a doctored picture of a black man.

6. Full Slate In Rockville Elections My August 24 post about the 2015 iteration Of Team Rockville, a post which eventually became a resource for voters looking for information on the candidates in the November 3 contest. This post missed the Top 5 by just 2 clicks. After a recount, the result was confirmed. Remember: every click matters.

Tomorrow, we’ll reach the (very high) heights of the Top 5 posts of 2015. You won’t want to miss it.

The Most Important Veto Override

In 16 days, the General Assembly goes back to work. There will be many story lines, not least of which seeing how things go for the five officeholders who are running for Congress in CD4 and CD8. But the first order of business for the legislature will be the prospect of whether to override Governor Larry Hogan’s four vetoes. There are strategic considerations to discuss, and there is the not so far away anymore 2018 election to think about, but today I want to focus on one of the bills that Hogan vetoed, HB980, that would have restored voting rights to approximately 43,000 individuals with felony convictions when they get out of jail. Current law delays such voting rights until the individual completes parole or probation, a process which can take many years to complete.

The lead sponsor of this bill is my friend Delegate Cory McCray of Baltimore. He has established a Facebook page, Marylanders for Voting Rights, which can be found here. A number of folks have done videos calling for the Hogan veto to be overridden. Here’s a few.

Author Wes Moore:

Author Kevin Shird:

Community activist Eric Booker:

Cory has developed a very nice map showing where the likely beneficiaries of this law reside. Baltimore City has by far the most citizens returning from felony incarceration. Big shocker, I know. I bet Larry Hogan knows that, too, wink, wink. 

The final vote on this bill in the House was 82-57. 85 votes (60%) are required to override a veto. 81 Democrats voted yes. Speaker Mike Busch needs to find four votes. One of those votes will almost assuredly come from new Delegate Susie Proctor, whose late husband Jim Proctor missed the vote last year. That leaves three votes. Delegate Michael Jackson of Prince George’s County did not vote on the bill last year. That could be a second vote. Busch then would need to find two votes from among the eight delegates listed below who voted no on the bill in 2015.

Charlie Barkley (Montgomery)
Pam Beidle (Anne Arundel)
Eric Bromwell (Baltimore County)
Ned Carey (Anne Arundel)
Mark Chang (Anne Arundel)
Mary Ann Lisanti (Harford)
Ted Sophocleus (Anne Arundel)
C.T. Wilson (Charles)

All three members of District 32 (Beidle, Chang, and Sophocleus) voted no. LD32 is one of the most competitive districts in the state. Ned Carey and Mary Ann Lisanti represent single member subdistricts carved from larger Republican areas. Eric Bromwell represents LD8, a moderate to conservative district in eastern Baltimore County where Bromwell is the only remaining Democratic delegate. Both Charlie Barkley and C.T. Wilson are noted contrarians (as is Bromwell) from electorally safe districts.

I’m betting Busch can get the votes he needs. But a little (nice, please!) push from you to your favorite delegate or three on this list wouldn’t hurt either. Because this bill should become law. Let’s help get this done.

Peter Writes Back To Mike

Got a copy of a letter from Comptroller Peter Franchot today, responding to yesterday’s love note from Senate President Mike Miller.

The tone is intermittently pleasant, nasty, hectoring, and threatening. As before, here’s a series of photos of the whole thing.

My only editorial comment is that after two letters from Franchot and one from Miller, it’s kind of hilariously amusing to read that NOW he “call[s] for an end to this cycle of public correspondence.” What would the rest of us do for entertainment? Not to mention blog traffic.

Anyway, here you go.



Home @2:30 AM

I really, really don’t get paid enough for this gig. But hey, some things are more important than a good night’s sleep. Like opposing a bad liquor bill.

Next time I bring a flask full of bourbon, though. Take that to the bank.

CD8 On Hold

I wrote it, I hated it. I wrote it again, I hated it even more.

I’m not ignoring y’all, I’m trying to come up with a good piece of writing. No luck so far, but I’m gonna give it another go for tomorrow. Hang in there.