Random Rumors

Overheard at Busboys and Poets in Takoma (aka “the beating heart of the radical Takoma Park syndicate”) this morning . . .

confirming the two recent statements by Takoma Park’s own Vladimir I. Lenin, construction on the wall creating Maryland’s new Ninth Congressional District will begin in the next several weeks. “CD9” is the week’s trending hip phrase now. Why? Because I said so, and I’m the Snarkster in Chief.

Somebody better get the noted witch hunter Barry O’Connell on the case before this gets out of hand.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

As we head into the holidays, there’s going to be a wasteland period with little if any news to report. MD candidates are scrambling (product placement alert!) to finish Q4 fundraising with a flourish, but that’s about it. And we not have anything to talk about in terms of new numbers until January 15, although the whispering has already begun.

So to fill the space and hopefully provide some entertainment and information, I’m going to put it out to you, dear readers. 

Here’s a series of questions: if you have a campaign to run, who do you want to manage it? How about field? Which consultants are you hoping to engage? Which local activists do you want on your team?

Similarly, you’ve got a bill you want to pass in Annapolis or the counties: which lobbyist/activist/lawyer would you want to run your advocacy?

I want nominations. Totally anonymous, even better if you give me reasons why. I may use the narrative answers in a post, but again, they’re anonymous.


1. Campaigns. A. Staff B. Activists C. Consultants

2. Policy. A. Lobbyists B. Activists C. Lawyers

Once I have nominations, I will create a poll that will allow the Maryland Scramble readership to vote in utterly unscientific fashion, so some folks can brag and others can curse the unfair voting system. Self-nominations are permitted, and I may throw a few in myself if they don’t show up in your submissions.

Before Christmas, we’re going to answer the question “who ya gonna call?” to see who are the biggest, baddest and most effective politicos in all the land – or at least Maryland.

I even created a new email – MarylandScramble@gmail.com – just for this little exercise. You can use it to cents for me for other blog-related communications, or you can use the site’s sidebar for non-public comments as well.

The floor is open. Whatcha got for me?

Throwback Thursday

Way, way, way back. So I just posted a couple of pictures to my personal Facebook page. Me as a senior in high school, 1980-1981. If you can stand the shock of a 35 years younger, 70 pounds lighter version of me with a big head of curly hair running cross country, you should check them out – portrait of the blogger as a high school student.

Those Monsters Killed The Poor #Blimp

All that poor thing wanted was to find a hotel for a little down time, and they murdered it. Bastards.

The massive Army blimp that broke free from its mooring and drifted from Maryland to Pennsylvania is “actually still deflating,” a Pentagon spokesman said Thursday. 

“I am not able to give you the mechanics of exactly how they’re deflating it,” said Navy Capt. Jeff Davis.   
The blimp traveled almost 200 miles north at 30 miles per hour, reaching an altitude of 16,000 feet before it lost altitude and speed, landing in northeastern Pennsylvania. 
Another Pentagon spokesman confirmed reports that the 240-foot blimp was shot down, but did not know how close to the ground the blimp was when it happened.

It is not clear who shot down the blimp.


The Greatest Political Ad Never Made

A couple of days ago, I learned of a video, which appears to have been made in the 1970s, promoting AFSCME, one of the country’s largest and most powerful unions. Nobody know what happened to the audio from the original ad, but apparently, somebody from a local TV station took the video and did an alternate audio track featuring a Paulie Walnuts kind of vibe, the end result of which is simultaneously insanely hilarious, totally profane and NSFW, and something that I hear the folks at AFSCME totally love.

Without further ado, I give you the greatest political ad never made: “AFSCME: The Fuckin’ Union That Works For You”