GOP Debate Party – With Actual Comedians!

What better way to watch the ongoing antics of the remaining passengers in the GOP Clown Car than to go to a party with fellow Democrats and watch? MCYD is going that idea one better – actual comedians to entertain you before, during and after. And me and my bad puns and warped sense of humor will be there too. So come to the AFI on October 28 and have some fun.  

Light Posting This Week

Between Yom Kippur today – I’m not the world’s most observant Jew, but if you’re ever gonna pay attention, today’s the day – and me going in for hernia surgery tomorrow, there’s not going to be a lot of posting the rest of the week. Pain meds and witty conversation don’t generally go together. If there are moments of clarity and coherence, I’ll see what I can find to keep you entertained.

Heading into next week, we’ll be ramping up coverage of the third quarter money race in the Senate and House races, as well as seeing where Elijah Cummings eventually lands. Plus the usual craziness from the GOP clown car, the looming government shutdown, and any new developments in the Baltimore mayoral race. In the meantime, have a lovely weekend and try not to miss me too much.

Environmental Forum In CD8

Maryland LCV, the Sierra Club and other organizations are hosting an environmental forum with CD8 candidates on September 30 at the Silver Spring Civic Center. Information is posted here.

Apparently, nobody at LCV reads my blog – sniff, sob, whine – because they still are listing Valerie Ervin as a candidate expected to attend. And either Dave Anderson doesn’t care about attending the event or they didn’t invite him.

Coming Attractions

Tomorrow: a chart for both CD4 and CD8, showing every candidate who has reported a Q2 fundraising report or released a number (I really don’t feel like looking for FEC reports tonight), showing Q1, Q2′ fundraising to date and cash on hand.

Friday: fundraising winners and losers, and why I think so.

Also tomorrow, regular news updates will resume, because July 16 is a lot better date on my calendar than July 15. If you know something you want to share with the class, shoot me an email or a message on the sidebar. Anonymity assured if you want it, great fame and fortune if you don’t. Your choice.

The Biggest Tease Yet

Hopefully, they’ll keep getting more and more agonizing – and interesting. Come back tomorrow morning bright and early and find out.

Boy, am I a terrible person or what? I hate myself right now. But I do know something you’ll want to know.


Another Busy Day

The numbers aren’t quite as big as yesterday, but for the second day in a row, y’all are hungry for political scoop, surpassing the old March record once again. I’ll try to have good stuff for you over the weekend, but it IS a holidays weekend, so I don’t know if the news cycle will cooperate.

Maybe some pictures from the Takoma Park parade on Saturday? Be good and I’ll see what I can do.