A Position I Didn’t Know I Held In An Organization I Didn’t Know Existed

In response to my after midnight post about Adam Pagnucco’s letter to County Attorney Marc Hansen, Barry O’Connell was sufficiently outraged that he wrote the following Facebook post.

Pure comedy gold. “Explaining how to read a legal case” = “scathing blog based hatchet job.” I had no idea. And would it have been a better or worse “hatchet job” if it hadn’t been “blog based”? I’m wondering.

I’ll bet that nobody in Takoma Park knew about the syndicate, much less my appointment as Snarkster in Chief. But I am so pleased with this moniker that I have just now promoted myself from “Line Cook” to “Snarkster in Chief” here at the worldwide headquarters of Maryland Scramble. Look and see:  

Thanks, Barry. I couldn’t have earned this promotion without you.

It’s Tough Out Here For The Squirrels

Just when I thought that Barry O’Connell had returned to this planet from his extended stay “elsewhere,” he goes and says this. I had such hopes that he’d find some more nuts. Alas.

The article Barry links to is all about Cummings not running. There is no discussion, none, about who, if anyone, Cummings might endorse if he doesn’t run. So yes, neither Cummings nor Edwards makes any  comments about an issue they weren’t asked about.

Well, shit, if that’s how it goes, I’ve got one too:

“Neither Cummings nor Edwards had any comment about reports that aliens looking just like Barry O’Connell have landed on earth with the mission to make nonsensical blog posts regarding issues the candidates weren’t asked about, thus confusing readers and causing general chaos, in hopes of destabilizing the planet for the imminent invasion of an army of O’Connells.”

At least mine has a better basis in reality than Barry’s. His streak of nut finding is over at one.

Rules Of Engagement

As a blogger, I have allowed others to post here. Sometimes I agree with the thoughts expressed here, sometimes not, or not completely. If I was ever asked to publish a response to one of my guest blogs, I’d feel pretty strongly that I should do it, if for no other reason than basic fairness.

Publishing a lengthy screed (two parts, no less) by Delegate Ben Kramer calling supporters of the BDS movement anti-Semitic, and then refusing to allow a response from the BDS folks? That is way out of bounds. But prince of the undisclosed conflict of interest David Lublin is fine with it. Yes, it’s your blog, David, but fair is fair. Or maybe not. Here’s the exchange of tweets.


For those who may not recall, Lublin acted the same way during the Rockville elections. He printed demonstrably false information, and when he was asked to print a response his answer was “well, I’d have to verify it. Too much work.”

Accusations of anti-Semitism and political cronyism are serious matters. If you’re going to publish them you’d better have your facts straight and you’d best be prepared to publish a response if asked. Petulant, dismissive and flippant responses like Lublin’s hackery are grossly inappropriate. 

Those Ballot Boxes Aren’t Going To Stuff Themselves

For the next 10 days, excepting the various municipal elections being held tomorrow, there’s only one campaign that matters: vote for Maryland Scramble for Best Politics Blog in the Baltimore Sun poll. You can vote once per day, so get busy. I’ll be watching, rest assured.

Seriously, I had no idea this was coming. I just saw it on Twitter. It’s an amazing honor to be nominated (yes, it’s a cliche, but it’s true, so shut up) and it shows just how far this little project has come in seven short months. Thank you, fellow politics nerds, dorks and dweebs.

Maryland Juice Is Back

And there’s a new sheriff in town: Matt Verghese, formerly with the Maryland Democratic Party and Anthony Brown and currently an aide to District 5 County Councilmember Tom Hucker, is now at the controls.

I look forward to having another blogger around. There’s room enough for far more than one voice in this conversation. But if he looks at me cross-eyed, I might just be forced to draw on him.

OK, OK, I just finished binge-watching Deadwood today, so never mind that last bit. . . .

Welcome, Matt. Let’s have some fun.