GOP In Disarray On Trade

For several days, the dominant storyline on the trade bill was “Democrats are in disarray.” Which didn’t rally make sense because the GOP caucus was just as divided as the Dems. But the longstanding narrative that “it’s always good news for Republicans” is alive and well, clearly.

Today, however, John Boehner unleashed a giant shit fit on the Republican House caucus over the 34 Republicans who voted “no” on the rule for the trade bill, calling their behavior “nonsense.” Three conservatives were removed from the Republican whip team.

The Hill has the details:

Displaying a rare flash of anger, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Tuesday chastised the nearly three dozen Republicans who voted against a procedural rule that structured how a critical trade package was brought to the House floor.

“I made it pretty clear to the members today I was not very happy about it,” Boehner told reporters after a closed-door meeting with rank-and-file members at the Capitol Hill Club. “You know, we’re a team. And we’ve worked hard to get the majority; we’ve worked hard to stay in the majority.

“And I expect our team to act like a team, and frankly, I made it pretty clear I wasn’t very happy,” he added.

In the meeting, Boehner told his fellow Republicans it was “nonsense” that some of them had voted against leadership, according to a GOP lawmaker in the room.

Maybe Boehner can ask Gerry Connolly and John Delaney for advice on how to build party unity. They seem to be so adept at it.

I amuse myself endlessly.

Good to see Republican blood being spilled on this issue. And even better to see Democrats standing firm on fundamental meat and potatoes economic policy for a change.